Vol 1 November 2007
Caddie Chat
Frank Williams and Stewart Cink
Frank Williams and Stewart Cink
Frank Williams, a North Carolina native, and caddie for Stewart Cink gives us a glimpse of his life as a caddie on the PGA TOUR. Williams began caddying in 1988 while living in Charlotte. Prior to hitting the road, Williams worked for Piedmont Airlines but when U.S. Air purchased Piedmont they wanted Williams to transfer to Pittsburgh. “I told them I was not moving up there,” he said.

Here are some other interesting notes about Frank, who currently lives in Arden, NC is married and has two daughters.

How did you get started doing this for a living?
“Well, I kept in touch with a buddy from high school when I lived in Greensboro and he introduced me to some of the guys when the TOUR came to Greensboro. I was addicted to the game and wanted to be around it. So, I decided to give it a shot for two years. You can see that plan was thrown out the window.”

What players have you worked for?
“I have worked with a great group of players. I have been fortunate. Before Stewart, I worked for Clarence Rose, John Cook, Davis Love III, Curtis Strange and Scott Simpson.”

What was your first win and how many times have you been on the winning bag?
“It actually was my first week working for Davis Love III. We won the Tournament of Champions at LaCosta in 1993. I won twice with Davis, twice with John Cook and three times now with Stewart.”

What are your favorite holes at Quail Hollow Club?
“To be honest, I love them all. We just do not get to see courses like that on the TOUR all of the time and it is a treat to be able to walk that golf course in May. The atmosphere at the Wachovia Championship is very similar to a major championship. You know you are somewhere special and you feel honored and excited to be part of a special week. I can tell you truthfully, it is my favorite tournament of the year.”

Other than the golf course, what makes your week at the Wachovia Championship so special?
“Of course, for me, it is nice to be back in a familiar place. The people of Charlotte are tremendous fans and just plain good people. They care about others and you can tell they care about their golf tournament. I am so glad golf is back in Charlotte.

“Also, we as caddies are treated like family and that is special. Kym Hougham has always gone out of his way to treat the caddies as if they are an important part of the whole week. In fact, other tournaments are starting to do the same thing.”

Speaking of that, how has caddying on the PGA TOUR changed since you started?
“Well we certainly are treated better and that really has come on in the past five years. Most caddies are college graduates or former mini-tour players or athletes from other sports. Everybody takes it more serious now. When I first got started there was a lot of partying going on. But you cannot do that as much because jobs are harder to get these days.”

What sports did you play?
“I played all of them. However, I did play minor league baseball for the Detroit Tigers for a few years before I got a 'real' job at Piedmont Airlines. Of course, I played golf and still do. My mother was a good golfer and after baseball I started playing more. I would play 36 holes a day. I just got addicted to the game.”