Vol 1 November 2007
Volunteer Circle

In the Volunteer Circle, we will highlight the stories of Wachovia Championship Ambassadors.

Paula Burnett
Paula Burnett

In an effort to educate everyone on the volunteer process, Wachovia Championship Volunteer Coordinator Paula Burnett answers a few questions. Burnett is responsible for the team of 2,600 Ambassadors who give their time and effort to support the event year-round. She works 12 months a year organizing, listening to ideas and communicating with her teammates.

Paula, why were the volunteers given the name Ambassadors when the Wachovia Championship was created?
“One of the key roles of a volunteer is to represent the overall values of the Wachovia Championship to the patrons, to the players and to the support staff that follows the TOUR each week. Therefore, we see them as ambassadors for what we are trying to do as a tournament and what Wachovia itself represents in the corporate and public communities.”

Paula Burnett

How does an individual volunteer?
“In November we begin filling spots that we need and securing assignments for those Ambassadors coming back. In early December, we start to contact those who registered on our wait list. You can visit our website and go through the process.”

What are the areas where volunteers are needed?
“We have 24 committees that cover everything from walking scorers to transportation to cart organization. We also have what I call ‘Paula’s Pool.’ Those who volunteer for this committee have to be ready to jump in wherever needed and be ready to do various jobs throughout the week. There are many areas for people to help all over the golf course and off the golf course. All of those are again listed on our website under Volunteers.”

What are the main requirements for an Ambassador once they are assigned to a committee?
“All Ambassadors must be willing to work at least two days or four half-day shifts in whatever area they are assigned. They must also purchase a uniform and have a valid e-mail address so that we can communicate with them at anytime. Also, you must be at least 16 years old by the end of April.”