Vol 2 February 2008
Volunteer Circle

L-R: Hole Captain Durwood Hankinson;
Hole Captain Tina Hoyle;
and Marshal Michael Jackson
Ambassador Highlight, Interview with Hole Captain Tina Hoyle

Tina, how many years have you volunteered with the Wachovia Championship?
This will be my 6th year.

What is your fondest player memory on Hole # 1?
Most of the players and caddies are very happy when they get to Hole #1 to start their day! They interact with the crowd and with the volunteers and have a lot of fun. Last year, Gavin Coles, was in our tent for about an hour while the rain came down. He and his caddie made us laugh and complimented the tournament over all. Gavin left my team with a great experience and great view of what the players really think of us…which is all positive!

What was the crowd like when Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan played together in the Wednesday Pro-Am?
Wow, it was a bit overwhelming with the amount of people that were lined up along the left side of hole #1 from behind our stands all the way down the fairway, probably 50 people deep. The level of excitement and the energy were great, until a cell phone rang just before Tiger teed off. We handled that situation and enjoyed a once in a lifetime experience.

Starters on First Tee
Starters on First Tee -
Charles Price, Jr. and Graeme Keith
Why do you volunteer and keep coming back?
I have a great team of people that have returned year after year to work on hole #1. I can’t possibly leave them.

What is your favorite part of the tournament?
Seeing my team each year. Of the 80 returning volunteers, I probably only see about 10 throughout the year. It’s great to catch up with what has happened with them. We make volunteering and working fun on hole #1 every year.

On average how many hours do you work during tournament week?
Hope my manager doesn’t see this, but I work harder during the tournament week than I do at Wachovia! I arrive on hole #1 between 5:30 – 6 am on most days and am at the tournament until 6 pm or later usually. Really long days and pushing 80 hours, since I usually have scheduling work and updates to send out when I get home.

If you could give one word of advice to our patrons on watching golf, what would it be?
Enjoy the game and the players, but look around you also. This is a beautiful course and should be enjoyed by everyone.

As a Wachovia employee, what does it mean to you to be able to volunteer for such a great Championship while representing your company?
I am so proud to work at Wachovia! I’m in my 15th year and this company has come so far and to be recognized nationwide by this tournament, just makes it all the more important to be part of the team for the Wachovia Championship. It’s nice to hear my family on the west coast compliment Wachovia for not only the tournament, but the customer service that we’ve become known for in the east.

Any predictions for the 2008 Championship?
Well, I don’t really get to watch much of our tournament, but I keep up with others throughout the year. I always like to see the underdogs win, so I’m predicting an upset this year. No names, but a big surprise will happen.