Vol 3 April 2008
Behind the Scenes with Kym

Kym Hougham, Executive Director, took some time out of his schedule to answer several questions about all of his pre-tournament activities.

With less than a month to go before the actual week of the tournament, do you visit any other tournaments to meet with players? If so, where and what do you discuss with them?
I do travel to other events to see the players and their agents. A lot of the marquee players donít commit to our event until the last week before the tournament, and by going to other tournaments and talking to them, I am able to get a pretty accurate feel for which players will be playing in our tournament. I also hand out to each player personally a copy of our current year Player Handbook.
2008 Commitment List

What is your favorite part of the build-up process leading into tournament week?
I honestly believe that my staff and I love the organized chaos that exists in the two months leading up to the tournament. It is a lot of long hours and some stressful times, but it is a feeling of excitement and anticipation that comes with very few jobs. It is like preparing a thousand course dinner and having everything done at the same time.

Do you find you start hearing from people that you have not had a conversation with since last yearís tournament? What are some of the requests you get?
As you can imagine, I do hear from people that I havenít talked to in some time as we get closer to the tournament. Most of them are looking for tickets because we are in a sold out situation and they donít have any other way to get into the event. I am not a very good source for ticketsÖsold out means sold out.

As the tournament has become more popular and it has grown into a huge social setting, it has gone beyond just being a golf tournament, but a place to see and be seen.

How many lists of items TO DO do you carry with you or have in your head?
I always have a memo book with me to write down ideas or concerns. It tends to get longer as we get closer to the tournament, but tournament week is when it seems to grow the most.

I try to write every idea or concern down so I donít forget about it or fail to act on it.

Is there a point that you start getting nervous because you think you have forgotten something?
I have a Master Calendar that covers all 12 months that specifically lists the items that need to be done during that particular month. I add items to it every year so it is as complete as possible and then follow it religiously.

I also have 6 incredibly talented people on my staff and 2,600 volunteers that work with me to make sure that everything is done on time and in the manner in which we would all be proud.