Vol 3 April 2008
Volunteer Circle

Cupid Strikes Ambassadors
Jeff and Tara Pariano

You both have a great story to tell from volunteering at the Championship, please share.
Our story begins with Jeff working at Wachovia as a Small Business Banker and me working at CMC as a Nurse. I heard about the Wachovia Tournament at Forest Hills Church in 2003. They were asking for volunteers, so I signed up. Unfortunately, I was unable to volunteer that year, however the Wachovia continued to keep me on their e-mail list. Finally in 2005, I was able to volunteer. I started out as a Marshal in the Clubhouse area and Holes 9-10. I took this job very seriously working from 5 AM to 7:30PM my 1st two shifts. On my 3rd day of volunteering, I was at Hole 9 when this guy passed by that I had seen several times through the week, but he always seemed like he was in such a hurry. This time when he passed, I said "Hello" and he stopped in his tracks. Jeff had volunteered for the Wachovia the year before and was on the Caddy committee. He was collecting bibs as the players came off Hole 9. So, we began talking and in-between lifting the ropes for the players to pass and Jeff collecting the bibs, the spark began. We planned to meet for coffee that night, however we both were exhausted from working all week, and decided to meet for breakfast the next morning, go to the tournament for fun, have dinner, and then a movie. Yes, a 15 hour date. To say the least it went well. That was May of 2005, we volunteered May of 2006 both on the Caddy committee, got married June 2006, and returned to volunteer in 2007. We are excited to return in 2008 and forward. We don't plan on missing a year, we keep our calendars cleared. The Wachovia will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Jeff and Tara, how many years have you volunteered with the Wachovia Championship?
Jeff 4 years Tara 3 years

On average how many hours do you work during tournament week?
We work approximately 20 hours

What is your favorite part of the tournament?
The Pro-AM as we are huge baseball and football fans so we enjoy the integration of those athletes as well. Plus, the other players are more laid back that day.