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Anthony Kim won the 2008 Wachovia Championship with a final round of 69. With the win comes a two year exemption on the PGA TOUR through 2010.

Below are some comments from Kimís Media Center interview, immediately following his win in Charlotte.

Does a place like this get you ready for a major?
Absolutely. The greens are as firm and tough as any major I've played, and I played the U.S. Open last year and the PGA Championship. I think those would be the harder greens that we play on. I'd say the conditions were easily as tough.

The numbers are kind of staggering. You set the tournament record by three shots, and you're the first guy to win by more than two. Your reaction to that?
I didn't know any of that, but it feels great. I can't tell you how excited and happy I am. Like I said, I'm a little bit numb right now, but this is what I've been dreaming about my whole life, and fulfilling this dream is awesome. I'd like to keep going and working hard and see how good I can really be.

Were you surprised all the support you were getting off the first tee?
I was. I started getting some support last year during the final round, and those same people came back to root me on, and I can't thank them enough because I can feed off a crowd, and that definitely helped me this week.

Do you have a shirt and tie to match that jacket?
I do not (laughter).


Since May, Anthony Kim has won his 2nd PGA TOUR win at the AT&T National in Washington, D.C.

Below are some comments from Kimís Media Center interview, immediately following his win at Congressional Country Club.

Tell us a little bit about your favorite courses in the world, including international.
I haven't played but one golf course, and that was this year at a European Tour event. My two favorite courses right now would be Quail Hollow and Congressional Country Club. (Laughter).

You've won twice now on old, traditional golf courses; in fact, courses that Tiger speaks highly of. Is there any significance to the type golf courses that you've won on?
I don't know if there is. I know I'm playing quite well right now, and I'm thinking well. And it seems like Wachovia and the AT&T here, you had to think your way around the golf course instead of just bomb it and gouge and try to wedge it up there and make a lot of birdies. It was more of a strategic golf course and I seem to do pretty well at those.

Any significance birdying 1 all four days here and in Charlotte?
Absolutely. I told Eric yesterday, I said I was really nervous on that 3 1/2 footer, because I birdied the first hole of Wachovia all four days, and in the back of my mind, I said, it's an omen. If you miss this, you're not supposed to win; you can still win, but you're not supposed to win, and when I made that, I felt like that's when the floodgates opened and I felt very comfortable. Obviously to start out that way today was tremendous.

After his round today, Jim Furyk was speaking about you in glowing terms and saying you're the kind of guy who is never going to back down and who is fearless and would make a great Ryder Cup player; when one of your peers talks about you like that, what did that mean to you?
It means the world. These guys have been doing it for years and years and have won major championships and multiple tournaments. I just take it as a huge compliment. Obviously at the same time, I don't want to let them down, so I'm going to keep working hard and hopefully I can be that Ryder Cup player and be the player that some people think I can be.

Congratulations to our 2008 Champion, Anthony Kim!