Vol 4 July 2008
Tournament Staff

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Director of Marketing and Sponsor Relations

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Director of Operations

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Tournament Coordinator

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Tournament Project Manager

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Tournament Assistant


Eric Larson started caddying for Anthony Kim on a trial basis this spring. The former caddie for Mark Calcavecchia and Ken Green was looking for a fresh start. The 47-year-old West Palm Beach, FL resident certainly found it with the now 23-year-old Kim, who has had a tremendous season. After the new team won the Wachovia Championship in May and followed with a victory in July in Washington D.C. the year was capped with a U.S. victory at the Ryder Cup this fall.

You must feel very fortunate at this point.
Anthonyís going to have a great career and Iím fortunate to be in this position. I am going to do everything in my power to stay with him.

When did you start working with Anthony?
Last year I got to know him while working with Calc and later in the year at the Texas Open I had the opportunity to work with him. Anthony decided to make a change this spring and asked if I could help on a four-week trial basis. We won the Wachovia Championship in the third week. So, I got the job.

Was it an emotional walk for you both coming up 18 at Quail Hollow Club?
It was. I was really excited for him and for me, too. Plus, that is such a great atmosphere and the fans were really awesome. We had finished tied for second and had another top 20 before Wachovia. But to get a win with that field was a tremendous boost.

When did you know you could keep the job?
In the locker room after he finished with all the things he had to do as champion, he told me I wasnít going anywhere.

What is the future of Anthony Kim?
Heís definitely matured. Heís grown up a lot, saying and doing all the right things. I think he expected to come out here and win quick without putting in the hard work. During the offseason, he put in the hard work. It took a little while for it to kick. Now itís kicked in and the confidence is there and everything else has fallen into place.