Vol 4 July 2008
Tournament Staff

Mac Everett
General Chairman

Kym Hougham
Executive Director

Jan Ivey
Director of Marketing and Sponsor Relations

Tony Schuster
Director of Operations

Gwen Mahler
Tournament Coordinator

Paula Burnett
Volunteer Coordinator

Christine Lockett
Tournament Project Manager

James Stevens
Tournament Assistant


South Mecklenburg High School


How did your group get started with the Championship?
Before the first year of the tournament, South Mecklenburg HS PTSA president that year was the wife of the club manager for Quail Hollow. The Championship asked him if he knew of any high school close by who would like to earn money for their school by being Ecology Ambassadors (or help with the trash detail on the course during the tournament).  He called his wife right away and South Meck organized its volunteers and we have been a part of this major event in southeast Charlotte ever since.

What is the group’s day to day duties?
Our duties consist of 12 days of volunteer work starting with the Saturday and Sunday before the start of Wachovia and the entire week of the championship and then we spend two days after the tournament to make sure Quail Hollow is all clean for its members.  It takes about 500 volunteers over 12 days.  We help to set up the trash bins on the Saturday/Sunday before then take it all down and pick up everything on that follow up week of Monday and Tuesday.  We even pick up trash in the gravel parking lot where the dumpsters were located.  The early part of the week consists of two 6 hour shifts and the tournament days require three 6 hour shifts asking for a total of 75 to 95 volunteers a day.  Volunteers have three jobs that they may be assigned to: 1. Be assigned a golf hole or area on the course that they are to keep clean of trash and make sure their trash bags on the course do not over flow with trash.   2. Drive a golf cart that goes to pick up the green trash bags and then takes them to the dumpster on the course. 3. Sweep out or blow out hospitality tents with large blowers after patrons leave for the day.

How does the group benefit from this work?
The volunteer base is made up of three big groups from campus: The PTSA, the athletic department and the performing arts department.  They each find their assigned volunteers and then receive money from the fundraiser when they fulfilled their obligation.  Mostly parents are asked first to help then students are to fill in.  They benefit from being part of a school wide fundraising project that brings money into their school to help pay for necessary supplies and equipment that benefits the entire school and helps in their education.  They learn how a large pro golf tournament runs and various jobs that go along with that effort in our Charlotte community.  They also learn hard work and learn how to sweat!