Vol 8 July 2009
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Golf Tips

Warm Up Your Putting With These Easy Steps

By Charles Frost

Head Teaching Professional
Quail Hollow Club

Most golfers go to the range to warm up their swing, but many forget to sharpen their putting skills before a round. These two simple drills will help you see the ball go in the hole and to control your pace.

First you need five tees and four golf balls. Place four of the tees around the hole three feet away and place the four balls beside each tee. Most putters are close to three feet so it is a good measuring device. Depending on your skill level decide on a goal on how many putts you can make in a row. Make sure to make the goal attainable because we are trying to increase confidence as we head out on the course.

After you have accomplished this, the next step is to take ten paces away from the hole which should be around thirty feet and place the fifth tee in the ground. Use your four balls and try to roll them into the circle of three feet created by the tees. Again come up with a goal that you can attain in order to create confidence. If you can sink the three footers and roll the balls into three feet of the hole then your putting is ready for the course.