Vol 10 February 2010
Tournament Staff

Mac Everett
General Chairman

Kym Hougham
Executive Director

Jan Ivey
Director of Marketing and Sponsor Relations

Tony Schuster
Director of Operations

Gwen Crow
Tournament Coordinator

Paula Burnett
Volunteer Coordinator

Christine Lockett
Tournament Project Manager

James Stevens
Tournament Assistant

The Volunteer Brief

The Ambassadors of the Quail Hollow Championship create a large support system for the event. The tournament, players, caddies, sponsors and patrons depend on them to make their experiences top notch! We asked some of our Ambassadors why they choose to volunteer.

"I volunteer for the QHC every year because I love golf, I love helping the charities raise money, and because everything and everyone involved in the QHC has been awesome to work with. Volunteering for this week is my favorite event every year."
Charles Hellwig
Marshal- Hole 10

Volunteers representing the Admissions Committee

"I look forward each year to the tournament. I enjoy meeting and greeting the patrons, and thanking them for attending as they leave. The Admissions job was a perfect match for me with my outgoing and happy personality."
Bob Baehl
Admissions Committee

"I volunteer for the Quail Hollow Championship because of the wonderful atmosphere and all the great people I work with. I have been working on Hole 1 for the past 3 years, and I was a roving ambassador for one year. The pros treat us with respect and it is honor to work this tournament. I live in Pennsylvania and look forward to coming to each year to this tournament."
Harold C. Shorts
Marshal- Hole 1

Volunteer greets young golf fan

"I look forward to volunteering with the Quail Hollow Championship (formerly Wachovia Championship) because it is a great way to have a direct impact on visitors' experience at our one of a kind golfing event. I enjoy assisting with the process to make it happen and feel my contributions are appreciated. The staff and organizers with the Quail Hollow Championship are top notch, and make volunteering a fun experience. I will continue to volunteer as long as we continue to host this championship."
Angela Gray-Young
Paula’s Pool Committee