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Golf Tips

Use a Dumbbell to Keep Steady Over Putts

By Charles Frost

Head Teaching Professional
Quail Hollow Club

One problem that a lot of players have is trouble maintaining their posture during their putting stroke. Their body will tend to sway and move around during their stroke which will lend to an inconsistent stroke and bad putting.

Many times a golfer does this because they are not using the correct muscles to help stabilize their body through their stroke. There is a simple drill that will help.

Take a lightweight dumbbell and grip it on one end and then get into your putting posture. Then simulate a putting stoke back and forth.

This is a good drill to do in front of a mirror if possible because you can see what parts of your body are moving and where you need to feel more stabile. You should focus mostly on your knees and hips which should be moving very little and also you should be able to swing through to your finish without your head rising up.

It does not take a heavy weight to create the proper form so please do not use weight that puts strain on your back when you bend over. This is a great exercise to do before you go out to play.