Vol 12 June 2010
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Golf Tips

Play Holes on the Range to Prepare for the Course

By Charles Frost

Head Teaching Professional
Quail Hollow Club

One of the problems that plague golfers is that they perform well on the range and tend to underperform when they get on the golf course. On the range there is no pressure and you can always rake over another ball and try again without thinking of the result from the previous shot. A drill that can help with this is to simulate holes on the range before your round.

If you know the golf course and can simulate the first couple of holes then you will feel more relaxed when you get to the first tee. First pick the club that you would normally use off of number one and designate a fairway.

If your shot ends up in the woods or the rough you should simulate what you would have to do in each situation whether that is use a wedge to get back in the fairway or hit a low running shot from the trees. If you miss the designated green then you should hit a pitch or a chip to simulate hitting short game shots.

The more shots you can hit in a real game situation the better and more comfortable you will feel on the course.