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Golf Tips

Putt With Dead Weight for Better Touch

By Charles Frost

Head Teaching Professional
Quail Hollow Club

Many of the golfers that I teach have a chronic problem with leaving putts short. This usually comes from having too short of a back swing and too long of a follow through. This is causing the player to push the putts to the hole rather than hit the putt into the hole. Some of the worst advice that I hear all of the time is to finish your stroke towards the hole. Most of the great putters have had some of the shortest follow throughs. Jack Nicklaus, Brad Faxon, and Tiger Woods all have a very short follow through and they are some of the best putters of all time.

The next time you play look and see if your putter is going past your lead foot when you putt. If it does then you have too long a follow through and are not hitting the putt with the correct energy. Try this drill to help:

Place two tees about three inches in front of the ball wide enough for the ball to travel through but narrow enough so that your putter will not make it through.

Hit putts and let your putter crash into the tees stopping your stroke short of your normal follow through.

This should make your back swing a little long and your forward swing shorter allowing more compression on the ball and hitting a more solid putt.

I think that you will see right away that your putts will travel much father with less effort and this will help you get the putts to the hole on the golf course.