Vol 13 October 2010

Mac Everett
General Chairman

Kym Hougham
Executive Director

Jan Ivey
Director of Marketing and Sponsor Relations

Tony Schuster
Director of Operations

Gwen Crow
Tournament Coordinator

Paula Burnett
Volunteer Coordinator

Christine Lockett
Tournament Project Manager

James Stevens
Tournament Assistant

Volunteer Circle

Jenn King

Co-Chair – Special Needs Committee
9th Year Volunteer

Where are you from?

The short answer is the East Coast. We have moved all around. Currently, I live in Columbus, Ohio but I call North Carolina home.

What attracted you to volunteer for the Wells Fargo Championship?

I was able to get involved from the beginning. My boss at Wachovia and I helped formed the Special Needs Committee and due to the great experiences I have been a part of this great event ever since.

To me, helping these people share in an experience that they would not have the ability to do so on their own, is what it is all about. I love my committee, my team and especially my patrons!

Special Needs Committee Chairs: Greg Etheridge, Jenn King and Bob Hoffman

You are in a unique situation, as you don’t live in NC. Tell us about your journey to the tournament.

We lived in Salisbury, north of Charlotte, when I first started volunteering for the tournament. In 2007, my husband got a job in Columbus, Ohio so we moved up there. I didn’t want to stop my volunteering and they graciously allowed me to continue co-chairing our committee. I drive down for the meetings (as many as I can), they are once a month starting in January. I go to the meeting then, visit with people for a few days and drive back to Ohio. Then when the tournament starts, I stay at the homes of family and friends and sometimes get a hotel for a night or two. Usually, Thursday and Friday night because they are the longest hours and I’m exhausted by the evening. It’s a good exhaustion!

What is your greatest memory from volunteering at the tournament?

Oh! I have so many wonderful memories!

I guess the building of relationships of the Wells Fargo Championship family, (Paula Burnett, Christine Locket, James Stevens & Tony Schuster among many others), my team and wonderful co-chairs (Greg Etheridge & Bob Hoffman) and of course our awesome Special Needs Patrons. Seeing them year after year, learning about their families, their trials and accomplishments, their love for golf and the appreciation they have for our committee and how we make it easier or even possible to be a live spectator at a wonderful event. The stories after stories…. are my “draw” to this event. Many of return patrons are near and dear to my heart. One in particular, Bill…he has Parkinson’s and his wife came with him the first year, saw how wonderfully we took care of him and was comfortable letting him come alone all these years. He never fails to bring my team and I surprises every year, from Klondike bars for everyone to golf tees, gloves, head-covers, you name it!

What would be your advice to people thinking of volunteering in the future?

Well, I’d say, get your application in as soon as possible by going to the website and signing up when the process is opened up to the public. We have a lot of returning volunteers, so space is available but not particularly wide open. Oh! And be prepared to have one of the most rewarding experiences of your life…Especially if you work with me.

Additional Comments:

I’ve enjoyed the positive effect the tournament has had on my 2 children. They are 14 1/2 & 15 1/2 and have been coming a few days of the week ever since they were 5 & 6. To see them step out of their comfort zone and help our patrons or ask them about their day as they are waiting for transportation back to their cars is awesome. They have also developed relationships with our patrons & they look forward to seeing them every year and vice versa. They have a special appreciation for golf from a unique perspective… One they couldn’t get any other way than by being a part of the Wells Fargo Championship.