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Golf Tips

Swing Left to Hit Your Pitches Solid

By Charles Frost

Head Teaching Professional
Quail Hollow Club

One of the most difficult shots in golf is the pitch shot. Many golfers have trouble hitting the shot solid and therefore have trouble controlling how far the ball goes. This shot is crucial to most people’s games because it can cost you or save you a lot of times around the greens. Many of my students make the mistake of trying to help the ball go up in the air rather then trying to hit down on the ball and letting the loft of the club make the ball go in the air.

A good drill to work on this technique is take an old golf shaft or stick and place it in the ground along the target line between you and the ball. Stick the shaft in the ground with the high end facing away from the target.

If you swing along the stick then it should encourage you to swing more outside on the back swing and more left across your body on the down swing. This is a great technique to hit a pitch shot and it will create slice spin on the ball which will help it stop more quickly when it hits the green.