Vol 16 July 2011

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Golf Tips

Have a More Versatile Short Game to Save Shots Around the Green.

By Charles Frost

Head Teaching Professional
Quail Hollow Club

Most putters have between 1 to 5 degrees of loft which helps the ball get rolling on the green quickly. But when you are trying to putt on grass that is longer than the putting surface, the putter will sometimes have a hard time getting the ball rolling correctly. By using a more lofted club like a hybrid or fairway wood you can get the ball to roll more easily and still use a shot that is safer than a chip or pitch shot.

So, I would change the rule to putt when you can, putt with more loft when you cannot use your putter, chip when you cannot putt, and pitch only when you have to. Try adding this to your shots around the green and see if it helps you be more consistent.