Vol 16 July 2011

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Golf Tip

Use Your Stance to Control Your Tee Ball

By Charles Frost

Head Teaching Professional
Quail Hollow Club

One of the simplest ways to control whether your ball draws or fades is to adjust your left position. Jim Furyk has used this method for a number of years.

First it is important to understand what causes the ball to draw or fade. The club face controls the direction that the ball moves so if you want to hit a fade, then the face must be open and conversely, if you want to hit a draw the face must be closed.

A quick and easy way to increase your odds of the ball turning in the correct direction is to adjust your set up. If you want to hit a fade, open your lead foot at address. This will allow you to turn more though the downswing which in turn will allow your hands to bring the clubhead back to the ball. This will cause you to hold the face open, which will produce the desired fade.

On the other hand, by squaring up your lead foot or even turning it in a little, you should be able to hit a draw. By turning in the lead foot the knee and hip are restricted in the downswing which will slow down the body turn on the downswing. When the body is slowed down, the arms continue to swing and this allows the clubface to rotate closed earlier. The closed clubface position will produce a draw.

This is the most effective and simplest way to control the ball off the tee.