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Golf Tips

Use Tees to Fix Your Putting

By Charles Frost

Head Teaching Professional
Quail Hollow Club

There are many different training aids on the market especially when it comes to putting. But one of the simplest training aids to help your putting is a few tees. One of the most important aspects to putting is good rhythm and this starts by having a stroke that is even on both sides of the ball.

A great way to train is to place a tee about fifteen feet away from the hole and then use the grip of your putter to put another tee in front and behind the tee the length of the grip. These tees let you know how far back and through you are taking the putter. Most of the players that I see usually have a nice back swing and too long of a forward swing. This is bad because you end up pushing the putt rather than hit the putt with a little pop.

Your putter should never go past the forward tee. Another way to train the path of your putter also uses tees. Set up a training station by placing the face of the putter in the direction that you want to putt and then place tees just on the outside of the heel and the toe of the putter. Then take two more tees and place one on the outside of the back swing and the other on the inside of the forward swing. This set up will help you make a stroke that is straight back to straight through to inside out which is a desirable stroke. It will not allow you to take the putter outside on the way back or inside on the way through.

You can use this set up to train a stroke that is a slight arc which is the desired way to putt. The tees are an easy way to solidify your stroke and make more putts.