Vol 22 March 2013

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Golf Tip

A Different Way to Chip

By Charles Frost

Head Teaching Professional
Quail Hollow Club

Your putter grip can be useful on more than just the putting green. The main reason for using a different grip for putting is to limit the wrist action. The same grip can be useful anytime you need to limit your wrist action. One shot that comes to mind is chipping. A chip is any shot that you want to roll more than it flies in the air. When chipping, you are not trying to hit the shot high in the air - you will not need wrist action. The best way to control the contact of the ball and to get the ball rolling is to swing the club on one plane with your arms and shoulders.

To do this, hold the club very upright and have the handle of the club running right through your palms, just like in your putting. When hitting the shot, you want the club very upright and the shaft should be leaning forward just slightly. This is the same position that you want to return the club to at impact. This position will create true spin on the ball and a great roll. This grip will also stay square longer which will make it easier to hit the ball on your intended line.

The process to hit the shot is to put your feet fairly close together and lean your weight to the forward side. This will encourage you to hit down on the shot. Then stand the club up vertical so the toe of the club is touching and the grip of the club is running through the palms of your hands.

From this set up all you have to do is swing the club back and through, feeling like your shoulders are controlling the motion. It is a very consistent shot and it is easy to make solid contact with the ball in any lie.