Vol 22 March 2013

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Golf Tip

Closed Stance and Strong Grip to Fix a Slice

By Charles Frost

Head Teaching Professional
Quail Hollow Club

A slice is not a very powerful shot especially for the tee ball. A slice is caused by the club face being open and the club swinging too far outside in through the hitting area. Most people need to change two mechanical aspects to fix their slice. They need to change the club face position and the plane that the club swings on through the ball. The most efficient way to close the club face is to strengthen your grip.

A stronger grip means to put your hands more in a closed face position. This means to turn both of your hands more to the right on the grip. This will close the club face, but you also need to change the swing plane.

The club needs to swing more inside out and to do this you need to create room for the club to swing to the inside. The hip is usually in the way and a closed stance will help. A closed stance is when you feet are pointed to the right of the target for a right handed golf and to the left for a left handed golfer. This stance creates room for the club to swing more from the inside on the down swing. The combination of the closed stance and the strong grip should fix any slice that might be a problem. This set up is especially good when you need a little extra yardage on your drives.