Vol 24 October 2014

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Just Fore Fun

Doug Rose
2013 Patron

Doug Rose took his daughter Noa to this year’s Wells Fargo Championship for some father-daughter time. During their visit at Quail Hollow Club, he also discovered how caring people can be—even in poor weather. Here is his story:

I wanted to share a story from my time at the Wells Fargo on Sunday. I was there with my three-year-old daughter, Noa, following around Webb Simpson. We arrived at 7am to see him tee off.

At around 8:30, on Hole 6, next to the green, we purchased a hot dog. It wasn’t until we were on Hole 10 that I realized my credit card was missing. I went to buy Noa another hot dog--she is an unusually big eater—and realized my mistake.

At that point it started to rain hard so we started to make our way to the 15th tee where we had some friends. On the way, I asked someone at the information booth on Hole 13 what to do regarding my missing credit card. They instructed me to ask the marshal on one of the tee boxes who had a radio. So, when I got to 15 I asked one of the marshals who went and found the head marshal on that tee box. Phil Campbell was his name.

Phil immediately got on the radio and had someone check with the vendor on Hole 6. They found my missing credit card. Phil then had the credit card brought to me so that I wouldn’t have to trek back across the course with my 3- year- old in the rain. As an added bonus, while we were waiting he stood with us and kept us dry under his umbrella.

I have to say, I was more than thankful for all of Phil’s help. Everything he did, in my opinion, was extra mile service, un-deserved and certainly not expected. As a fan, I felt valued and cared for. While bad weather could have been a real downer on the tourney, I thought it only allowed what makes the Wells Fargo so special and why it stands out among other events even more: the outstanding people.