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Golf Tips

Tilt Toward the Target for Pitching

By Charles Frost

Head Teaching Professional
Quail Hollow Club

Pitching is one of the most difficult and important shots in golf. Most golfers will need to hit at least one pitch per hole which makes it as important as driving and putting when adding up your score. The most difficult aspect of pitching is controlling the bottom of your swing and having the club head hit the ground just after hitting the ball every time. Most people miss-hit pitches which make it impossible to control the distance.

It is commonly known that you need to hit pitch shots with your weight leaning toward your left side. However, most people tend to move the weight towards the target when setting up by shifting their hips forward, which causes their chest to shift away from the target. This moves their center of gravity back rather than forward. This makes it more difficult to hit the ball and then the ground

Instead of making this shift with your hips, make the shift with your chest. Tilt your chest towards the target so that your head feels like it moves in front of the ball.

This tilt will move the bottom of the swing forward and make it easier to hit the ball first and then strike the ground. Try this simple adjustment to improve your pitching consistency.