Vol 22 March 2013

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Golf Tip

Steepen Shoulder Turn for Better Iron Play

By Charles Frost

Head Teaching Professional
Quail Hollow Club

The overwhelming key to good iron play is being able to control the bottom of your swing which means being able to strike the ball and then the turf consistently. If you are struggling with your iron play then your shoulder turn may be too level.

This move puts the club in a bad position to hit a ball that is sitting on the ground and therefore you have to manipulate the club on the downswing. This manipulation makes it difficult to hit the turf consistently in the same spot time and time again. If your shoulders turn level then you are set up to make more of a baseball swing.

A good test to see if your shoulders are too level is to take your posture next to a ball and then put your club across your shoulders.

Simulate your backswing turn. If the club is pointing somewhere in the direction of the ball on the ground then your turn is good. If the club is pointing above the ball then your shoulder turn is too level.

Start over and make a swing where the club is pointing closer to the ball. This is the proper feeling for the backswing. Do this drill when you start your warm up each time you go to the range in order to keep the turn consistent.