Vol 22 March 2014

Mac Everett
General Chairman

Kym Hougham
Executive Director

Jan Ivey
Director of Marketing and Partner Relations

Tony Schuster
Director of Operations

Gwen Crow
Tournament Coordinator

Paula Burnett
Volunteer Coordinator

Christine Lockett
Tournament Project Manager

Greens and Grounds

Quail Hollow Club - Golf Maintenance Crew
Chris Dearsio - Golf Course Superintendent


Upon completion of the 2013 Wells Fargo Championship, Quail Hollow Club's agronomy staff began a new chapter in the golf courses history.

All of the putting surfaces on the 18 holes were excavated, re-contoured in some areas and totally re-sodded with MiniVerde bermudagrass. The previous bentgrass greens had become strained through the years and the bermuda was chosen because it is a strain of grass that is more tolerable to the climate of the Southeast region.


Overseeing much of this work was Chris Deariso, Quail Hollow Club's chief Golf Course Superintendent. He and his staff not only worked numerous hours during the summer and winter to get the golf club back in playing condition for the members but he also had to prepare it for the Wells Fargo Championship.

"We had a lot of man-hours during that stretch," he said during the first week of May. "But it is what we love to do and to see the results is very rewarding."

The players were very complimentary.

Said Phil Mickelson: "I really enjoyed the week, I enjoyed the golf course. I love what was done to the greens. I think it enhances the beauty and the greatness of this golf course.

"Next year, when they have a year to settle in, I think you'll really see the beauty of it come out... The greens putted perfectly, even though I didn't. They were in great shape, which is amazing, given that it was a rough winter to have them in such great shape so early on."


Several holes were also re-designed. The most drastic being the par-four 16th hole. New sodding was also needed for the entire fairway on that hole and on several holes that were changed as well. There are 25 acres of fairway at Quail Hollow Club to maintain.

"We had a plan and thankfully it worked pretty much the way we wanted," Deariso said. "Obviously, you have a few hiccups along the way and you are relying on Mother Nature too. But, by tournament week it was all good. And, it will continue to get better. We look forward to the future."