May 11-17, 2015 | Quail Hollow Club | Charlotte, NC

eNewsletter | Vol 29

APR 2015


with Operations Director, Tony Schuster

Tony Schuster

Tony Schuster is the operations director for the Wells Fargo Championship. He was hired by executive director Kym Hougham in 2002 to help organize the layout of facilities and other aspects of creating a sports venue at Quail Hollow Club. Schuster, like the entire tournament staff, works for Champions For Education, the non-profit organization that is charged with managing and operating the golf tournament year-round.

Many people have found Schuster’s job to be intriguing.
Here is a brief conversation with him:

Q | Fans see all the temporary structures and facilities when they arrive during tournament week at Quail Hollow Club. When do you start building?

SCHUSTER | Usually during the first or second week in March some of the scaffolding starts to arrive and is put in place at different locations around the golf course. For a month or so prior to that, I start mapping the locations of tents, concession stands, seating structures, hospitality venues, restrooms, etc.

Q | You have a long list of responsibilities. Is there any way you can you describe your job in one sentence?

SCHUSTER | To oversee the transformation of Quail Hollow Club from a peaceful private club into a major outdoor sports venue—and then back again.

Q | Speaking of long lists, what areas do fall under operations before, during and after tournament week?

SCHUSTER | The main objective is the design and supervision of everything from parking and vehicle flow, to corporate and general spectator amenities, recycling efforts, staging for CBS Sports operational needs, catering structures, restroom facilities, security as well as cable and internet services. With these efforts we have to work with and oversee crews from several vendors that include tents, electric, interior design, scaffolding, painters, air conditioning and more.

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Q | Once this is all complete and the fans start coming through the gates what is a typical day like for you?

SCHUSTER | I am very fortunate to have had Sara Richardson assisting me since the beginning and along with her and other volunteer members of our crew; we spend each day making sure all of the moving parts are moving. And, to be honest, I start planning for the breakdown period which can take about a month after the tournament is over. Getting the club and the golf course back to its original look and feel as quickly as possible is one of my biggest goals each year.