May 1-7, 2017 | Eagle Point | Wilmington, NC

eNewsletter | Vol 34

JAN 2017
Kym Hougham

Kym's Corner

Behind the Scenes with Executive Director, Kym Hougham

We are all certainly still excited about the successful Wells Fargo Championship we had this May and have enjoyed spending time looking back at the positives that were produced from the 14th edition of this great Charlotte spring tradition. Thank all of you for making your PGA TOUR event so special and being supportive to us and the players who visit this area once a year.

James Hahn is a worthy champion with a great personality and we look forward to watching his career progress as we have with all of our champions. His speech after accepting the trophy was inspirational. It is important to set goals and dreams and work hard to achieve them no matter what road blocks may come your way-whether you are a kid or an adult. James’ thoughts of never giving up, even when things look dim, were well-received.

In fact, we are in the process of setting new goals and dreams. During the past few months there has been a different post-tournament transition for the staff and myself. At the same time we were reflecting on what we could improve on from the 2016 experience we also have been looking forward to our move to Wilmington in 2017. In many ways, it is a fresh start for our team and our corporate partners.

Locating the tournament to another city for one year means we are creating new friendships, some new partnerships and being open-minded regarding differences between running a golf tournament in Charlotte and in Wilmington. The tournament staff and I have been in the Wilmington area several times during the summer and fall. Our presence there will continue to grow in the next few months. The overall theme we have found is that this area of the state is really enthusiastic about all aspects of the tournament in May of 2017.

Eagle Point Golf Club will be a great setting for the tournament as we celebrate our 15th anniversary. The club is excited to showcase its beautiful and challenging golf course and the members are also excited to share what Wilmington and this part of the NC coast have to offer. We are certain the fans as well as the players and their families will enjoy this one-time stop on the PGA TOUR.

It is an exciting time for the Wells Fargo Championship. All PGA TOUR events seek to find ways to grow the game of golf and with our event coming to Wilmington next spring, we have the opportunity to reach another audience and share the excitement the best golf TOUR in the world offers.

We all look forward to creating new friendships and sharing our PGA TOUR event in a new community and region.